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OT and ICU

Cost-Effective Mechanical Hydraulic Multi Function Obstetric Delivery Table( HE-609-A02 )

1. The overall shape is beautiful and the function is complete. The lifting and lowering of the bed surface, the adjustment of the backboard and the forward and backward tilt of the bed are all done by manual mechanical transmission without power supply;

2. The lifting and lowering of the delivery bed is driven by a foot oil pump, which is easy and light to operate. Due to the mechanical structure of this machine, it is not affected by emergencies such as power failure during use, and it is safer, more reliable and more convenient to use;
The sturdy steel frame structure and high-quality 304 stainless steel cover provide the best stability, safety, and easy cleaning and disinfection;
The base is equipped with casters to facilitate the movement of the bed, and at the same time has a locking function, so that the bed can achieve ideal stability and safety during use;
The mattress adopts the streamlined design of the human body, and the soft elasticity gives the patient incomparable comfort. It is made of medical polyurethane, and the mold is integrally formed. The surface is seamless, antibacterial, and can be directly cleaned with cleaning liquid.